5 simple tricks to get back lost website admin password

5 simple tricks to get back your lost website admin password

Hello, welcome to the Codezine blog, today we will show you how can you get your lost website password in the simplest way. I have decided to bring out this topic looking at the difficulty that most beginner’s website owners face. We all know that most of the beginners do not put any backing for reset passwords such as email/social logins.

Isn’t? So, how can we get it? Therefore, today I will show the easiest way to get any kind of website admin password. The bonus stuff is that you can also use these tricks to find a lost WordPress admin password. Along with the following advantage, this method can also be used if you forget your social credentials and website email. So, let’s not bore you with a long introduction and get back on to the main tricks to crack a lost password. Surely, after reading this blog you will know finding a lost password will never be as easy as this method.


  • C-PANEL Credentials: You will need to access to your hosting site for getting to your MySQL database.
  • A Pc with any OS
  • Good Internet Connectivity

100% Effective Steps to find a lost website admin password:

Step 1
  • The first step is to access your CPANEL dashboard and go to your website MySQL Database[Site that you need to get password].
2nd Step



  • The second step is to locate your database and for that click on MySql and scroll down.
  • The Next Step is to go to your phpMyAdmin, you can directly go from the Mysql page by click on your database credentials or you can go to the PhpMyAdmin section of Cpanel.[Available in every hosting site]
  • After that, go to the users table of the MySql database. If you ask why? The answer is that 99% of the web SQL table column for credentials such as email, a password is set at the users table name for easy recognization by a developer. While in the case of WordPress you will get in wp_users table.
Step 3[For regular website]
3rd Step[For WordPress]
  • After that, select on the user table and you will get a new page containing different emails and a password hash. No, need to worry as we will show you how to decrypt it in the last step.
Last Step
  • Now, select your admin email which you will remember easily by looking to the login row.
  • Lastly,  copy the password hash. Now, you are in the last step of resetting your password which decrypting the hash key.
  • For decrypting the hash key go to https://hashes.io or https://hashkiller.co.uk/ and paste it and click check my hash. That’s it you will get your admin password.


Throughout the course try to follow each and every step carefully and also we recommend to not edit or delete any table. Deleting any table will lead to website breakdown. Also, don’t try to change a password with a hash pattern with an alphabet pattern. If you get any error after following the step or you want us to do this step for your email us to [email protected] or [email protected] Lastly, don’t forget to share this post and comment below your suggestion in the comment section. We would love to hear it from you. Thank you.

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