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How to remove malware from WordPress in 7 simple steps

7 steps to remove wp malware

How to remove malware from WordPress in 7 simple steps: Do you know that WordPress is one of the most vulnerable web applications that malware? Almost 70% of a WordPress site is vulnerable to it. According to Wordfence, 9 million sites are affected by hackers and malware. Also, removing malware from a professional developer will […]

How to upload project in github in 5 simple steps!

How to upload in GitHub in 5 simple steps! Github is like a talent showcase place for developers isn’t. And the project which we upload in GitHub helps us during our Jobs Interview as a portfolio. But, sadly few of us know the easy way on how to upload projects in Github. Also, because many […]

Change Onesignal Small Notification Icons

How to Change Onesignal push notification Small Notification Icons? Are you looking for the perfect solution to change small notification icons to your own custom icons in one signal push notification? Tired of searching for the right tutorial?  You can see that the documentation given in one signal official is not fully elaborated and for […]

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